SemanticMD Cloud Annotate

Web-based annotation tools for machine learning and human-in-the-loop tasks

Upload and manage your data securely.

Data can be images or videos in any format. We accept JPEG, DICOM, 3D, and even large Aperio (pathology) files . All data is stored in our secure, HIPAA-compliant storage powered by Box.

Design your annotation tasks.

Choose from our HTML templates for classification and 

object recognition or customize your own 

for your machine learning and human-in-the-loop needs.

Launch your task.

Our platform intelligently routes tasks to the right people with redundancy and accuracy based on your requirements.

SemanticMD Cloud Annotate outputs data in easy, machine-readable (JSON) format so you can focus on the analytics. Our team of deep learning scientists are also happy to help turn the output into machine learning models or an analytics dashboard.

Analyze results.

Example output

We can annotate for you.

3. We crowd source the tasks to our imaging techs

1. You tell us what needs to be analyzed

2. We custom design an annotation task to fit your data


We created SemanticMD Cloud Annotate out of the need from our customers to have a well curated dataset for machine learning. 

Hardly anybody seems to be willing to do this sort of annotation work at scale because it requires so much labor and expertise. We’ve put great effort into optimizing workflows and creating easy to use labeling templates.  That means we get it done at a much cheaper and faster.